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in the digital age

About us

Our mission

Boost performance. Shaping the future. With clients.

Boost Consulting supports clients’ executives, such as CEO/CMO/CDO, to boost performance and/or create new business for the future.

Our principle

We follow the following principle:

  • Think and act at 100% client’s standpoint
  • Have business result-oriented mind
  • Turn data into actionable insight and value
  • Collect state-of-the-art knowledge and practices and actively utilize them
  • Explore new findings and new points of view
  • Challenge something never-done-before

Our strengths

Data driven marketing with business oriented mind

We believe in data since data is honest.However, data analysis without business-oriented mind is just playing with numbers (=no value).We focus on turning data into actionable insights and values for clients’ business.
From strategy to operational support capability

We try to identify real issues at clients and propose supports to solve the issues.Our proposal could be strategy development support some clients, and could be operational support for others.We have capability to support clients from strategy to operation.
State-of-the-art knowledge and practices with challenging spirits

We invest in collecting state-of-the-art knowledge and practices in this fast growing/changing digital world.We are happy to share our knowledge and practices with clients as well as to challenge to introduce something new with clients.



Digital + Direct Marketing Association Asia

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Our partner

Principle Co. Ltd

  • Google Analytics
  • Listing Ads
  • SEO
  • Tableau
  • No.1 Google Analytics consulting company in Japan

Q Inc.

  • User interface
  • EC site development
  • Movie creation
  • Product review service
  • QlikView




Business strategy

  • New business development
  • Digitization strategy
  • Omni-channel strategy/OMO strategy
  • Overseas strategy
  • 5-year plan development

Organizational design

  • Structure and function/role design
  • Organization development planning
  • KGI/KPI setting
  • In-house/outsource
  • Capability audit
  • Organizational strengthening

Marketing strategy

  • CRM/marketing strategy
  • Customer analysis and action planning
  • Market research and best practice
  • Loyalty program design
  • Mail program (CRM) design

Operational strategy

  • Supply chain strategy
  • Inventory management strategy
  • Order analysis and action planning
  • BI tool study

Operational support

  • Acquisition analysis and improvement
  • SEO
  • Conversion improvement
  • Customer loyalty monitoring
  • KPI monitoring
  • Training
  • Order analysis tool introduction support

eBusiness Due Diligence

Business model audit

  • Strategy
  • Value driver
  • Key success factor
  • Growth forecast
  • EC business financial KPI
  • Mid-term plan

Organization/capability audit

  • Organization strategy
  • Organization structure
  • Role and responsibility/KPI
  • Key persons
  • In-house/outsource
    • External partner dependency
  • External partner

Customer base audit

  • Customer acquisition and nurturing strategy
  • Customer base analysis
    • Customer base growth
    • Retention rate/churn rate
    • Re-activation rate
  • Customer segmentation
    • Life time value
    • Core customer dependency
    • New/repeat sales
  • Customer nurturing
    • Customer nurturing/loyalty program
  • Customer acquisition cost

Acquisition audit

  • Acquisition strategy
    • Focused traffic source
    • Branding/acquisition
  • Traffic performance
    • Traffic growth/share by source
    • Traffic trend
      • Price elasticity
      • Seasonality
  • Paid ads performance
    • KPI
    • Ad agent management
  • Growth potential

EC site/service audit

  • Funnel analysis
    • Historical
  • UI/UX heuristic evaluation
  • UI/UX improvement activity
  • Service
    • Return/exchange policy
    • Shipping
    • Gift option
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Growth potential

System/data management audit

  • System strategy/plan
  • System/infrastructure configuration
    • EC platform
    • Core system
    • PIM
    • Inventory management/logistics
    • POS
    • CRM/E-mail
    • Other connected system
  • Scalability
  • Data collection/accumulation
    • Tag
    • Tool
  • Data monitoring/reporting
  • Data management/protection
    • Management system/rule
    • Privacy policy

Due Diligence report

  • Audit result of 6 categories
    • Business model
    • Organization/capability
    • Customer base
    • Acquisition
    • EC site/service
    • System/data management
  • Business plan audit result
    • Key success factor
    • Opportunity/potential/strength
    • Risk/weakness



  • 戦略
  • バリュードライバー
  • 重要成功要因
  • 成長/拡張可能性
  • ECビジネスの財務KPI
  • 中期計画


  • 組織計画
  • 現状の組織体制
  • 役割・責任・KPI
  • キーパーソン
  • 内製化/外注
    • 外部パートナー依存度
  • 外部パートナー


  • 顧客獲得・育成戦略
  • 顧客基盤分析
    • 顧客数推移
    • 継続率/解約率
    • 再アクティブ化率
  • 重要顧客/顧客セグメンテーション理解
    • ライフタイムバリュー
      • 顧客セグメント別
    • 重要顧客依存度
    • 新規/リピート売上
  • 顧客育成
    • 顧客育成/ロイヤルティプログラム/施策
  • 顧客獲得コスト


  • 集客戦略
    • 注力トラフィックソース
    • ブランディング/獲得
  • トラフィックパフォーマンス
    • トラフィック推移・シェア
      • トラフィックソース別
    • トレンド/特徴
      • 価格弾力性
      • 季節性 など
  • 広告パフォーマンス
    • 主要KPI
    • 広告代理店マネージメント
  • 集客成長余地


  • ファネル分析
    • パフォーマンス推移
  • UI/UXヒューリスティック評価
  • UI/UX改善活動状況
  • サービス
    • カスタマーサービス
    • ショッピングサービス
      • 返品・交換
      • ギフト・配送
  • 競合比較
  • ECサイト/サービス改善余地


  • システム戦略/計画
  • 現行システム/インフラ全体構成・連携状況
    • ECプラットフォーム
    • 基幹システム
    • PIM
    • 在庫管理/物流
    • POS
    • CRM/Eメール配信
    • その他連携システム
  • 現行システム/インフラの拡張性
  • データ取得/蓄積状況
    • タグ
    • ツール
  • データモニタリング/レポーティング状況
  • データ管理・保護状況
    • 管理体制/ルール
    • プライバシーポリシー


  • 6カテゴリーの評価結果
    • ビジネスモデル
    • 組織/ケイパビリティ
    • 顧客
    • 集客
    • ECサイト/サービス
    • システム/データ管理
  • ビジネスプラン精査結果
    • 重要成功要因
    • 機会/ポテンシャル/強み
    • リスク/弱み

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Power of the team
We have members with various backgrounds, such as business consultant and engineer. Even though each member has unique background, we have the same mission and respect the same principles.












  • Started career as a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group(2000-2002)
  • Developed internet business from scratch and made it the most profitable channel at Shinsei Bank and No.1 mutual funds sales among the internet channels competitors(2002-2006)
  • Consulting focus area are internet, new business development, overseas expansion and internationalization of Japanese companies, and university reform
  • Angel investor/incubator of three start-ups
  • Economics from Tokyo University and finance diploma awarded with distinction from University of California, Berkeley
  • Loves playing futsal, reading and listening to music, and happy to be a father of two


  • Consulting projects for various industries in Japan and Europe at French consulting firm
  • Digital marketing consulting for global company
  • Cost management consulting for various industries
  • Market research, marketing, and EC site traffic analysis at US electronics venture
  • Mechanical engineering from Waseda Uni.
  • MBA from California State Uni.
  • Loves playing golf and futsal, reading, traveling, and online shopping
  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification




  • EC consulting services for global and national companies
  • EC operational services for national companies
  • WEB producing & EC site consulting at interactive agency
  • Site development, maintenance, and marketing at education service
  • Master of Laws from Kwansei Gakuin Uni.





  • Several years experience in management consulting at a global firm (2006-2014), including three years as Managing Director of Japan office
  • Consulting focus areas are operational strategy, process/organization re-engineering, CRM, supply management & global sourcing, Design To Cost
  • Knowledge in retail, sports brand, luxury brand, pharmaceutical, food, consumer electronics, mobile career, semiconductor, energy, industrial machinery, and others
  • Ph.D. in physics (Developed and demonstrated a new type of laser system for strategic missile defense)



  • Marketing manager at recruiting company
  • Digital marketing consulting for varieties of industries
  • Doctor course completed at U.C. Berkeley
  • M.A. from Tokyo Uni.





  • WEB site analysis specialist with deep knowledge and experiences
  • Consulting of site improvement and marketing action planning
  • Support of introduction of analysis tools
  • Knowledge and experiences in EC site operation
  • Worked as PR, marketing, and sales for i-mode site
  • Worked in South America for a global trading company
  • BA in political science and economics from Waseda university
  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification


  • Project case 3: Jupiter Shop Channel

    Project with Jupiter Shop Channel, operating No.1 TV shopping channel, Shop Channel. Project objectives are to develop 3-year plan within the existing omni/e-commerce policy and to develop growth strategy for e-commerce channel. (Japanese only) Read more

  • Book: データ・ドリブン・マーケティング

    弊社代表の佐藤が翻訳監修をしたマーク・ジェフリー著の「データ・ドリブン・マーケティング – 最低限知っておくべき15の指標」が2017年4月20日発売されました。Read more

  • Project case 2: Towatech

    Project with Towatech, a fast-growing industry leading company operating E-commerce site of manual therapy. Project objectives are to radicate corporate strategy and KPI for the organization and to investigate fit of Amoeba management. (Japanese only) Read more

  • Project case 1:adidas Japanアディダスジャパン株式会社

    Project with adidas Japan, a global sports brand. Project objective is to increase traffic and sales of adidas Japan’s E-commerce site.(Japanese only) Read more


Boost consulting LLC

  • Office: 2-15-1-419 Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo 150 0043 JAPAN


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